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Inlign Insurance
(877) 535-7144
Plymouth Rock or Bunker Hill Policyholders
If you have an insurance claim or a servicing need regarding your Plymouth Rock or Bunker Hill policy, please call 844-499-2158 or email

Travelers Insurance Policyholders
If you have a billing or policy question, please call 877-872-8737. For claims, please call 800-252-4633.

Safeco Policyholders
If you have an insurance claim or a servicing need regarding your policy, please call 866-472-3326.
Why Inlign

Why Inlign

There are a lot of options for insurance agencies out there, and choosing the right agency can be confusing. Inlign Insurance is here to make getting the right insurance easy.
About Inlign

About Inlign

Inlign Insurance was launched in January of 2020 by Align Credit Union to offer the best personal and business insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Inlign TV

Inlign TV

LeeAnne Powers, Inlign Senior Vice President and Tom Hammond, Inlign President, help to demystify insurance in these short videos.
Inlign Insurance Services, LLC is an affiliate of Align Credit Union.  Business conducted with Inlign Insurance is separate and distinct from any business conducted with Align Credit Union.  Insurance products are not deposits of Align Credit Union and are not insured by the NCUA or MSIC. They are not an obligation of or guaranteed by the credit union and may be subject to risk. Insurance required as a condition of the extension of credit by Align Credit Union may be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the Member’s choice without affecting the approval of the application for credit. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding this relationship, you may contact the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA). For information on how to contact the OCA, visit