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Annual Percentage Rate as low as:
30 Year Fixed 4.681% Apply
5 Year ARM 4.793% Apply
New/Used Auto Purchase3.50%Apply
Annual Percentage Yield as high as:
Variable IRA0.45%Apply
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Annual Percentage Rate as low as:
30 Year Fixed 4.681% Apply
15 Year Fixed 4.222% Apply
5 Year ARM 4.793% Apply
30 Year Fixed
Mass Housing
(first-time homebuyer)
4.342% Apply
Annual Percentage Rate as low as:
New/Used Auto Purchase3.50%Apply
New/Used Auto Refinance3.50%Apply
New RV8.25%Apply
Used RV8.50%Apply
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Prepaid Cards

Visa® PrePaid Cards

Looking for a better way to shop securely online, pay bills, or access cash when and where you need it across the globe?  Align’s Visa® Prepaid cards help you do all of that and much more.  Members have the flexibility to securely manage their money and make purchases anywhere Visa® is accepted in the United States and worldwide without the risk of carrying cash.  Prepaid cards are reloadable and perfect for students, travelers, or just about anyone who would like to keep better track of their finances without the complications of a traditional checking account. Order an Align Visa® Prepaid card with EMV Chip security today.

Visa® Prepaid Card

You’ve just met your perfect traveling companion. Load it before you go,
and the Align Visa® Travel Prepaid Card gives you a safe, convenient way
to pay for purchases or get cash at more than a million ATMs worldwide.
And since it’s limited to the amount you preloaded, you’ll be less likely to
overspend when you travel.

  • Reload your card online or at any Align branch
  • Safer than carrying cash or travelers checks
  • Extra security with global authentication capability
  • Access cash at more than a million ATMs worldwide
  • No interest charges or required minimum balances
  • Easily replaceable if lost or stolen
  • E-mail and text message alert capability to help track balances*
  • $15 purchase fee (no additional fee to reload card)

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EMV Chip Card Security

Align Credit Union VISA® PrePaid Cards come with built-in chip technology. These cards are not only more secure – they’re also easy to use.

  • Receive an enhanced level of security. When you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud.
  • Check out with ease. Follow simple steps to pay at a chip-activated terminal.
  • Enjoy global acceptance. More merchants are accepting chip transactions every day. Whether you check out using chip technology or swipe your card, you can pay wherever VISA® PrePaid Cards are accepted.

View our EMV Chip Card brochure for more information.