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Fraud Alert As scams continue to be on the rise, please beware of fraudulent phone calls posing as Align Credit Union. If you receive a suspicious phone call, email or text message, please contact us directly at (800) 942-9575. Stay protected and learn more about current fraud alerts

Direct Deposit

How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Set up direct deposit in a few easy steps and save extra trips to the branch on payday! If your employer offers direct deposit, they will be responsible for setting up direct deposit on your behalf. Common information your payroll department will need:

  • Credit Union Routing Number: 211383901
  • Your member number
  • A voided check to verify your routing and member number (if you do not have a voided check, contact our Member Care Center or visit a branch near you for an account confirmation letter)
  • Address of the credit union: Align Credit Union, P.O. Box 7008 Lowell, MA 01852

Please note: Money can only be electronically deposited into a Membership Savings Account or a Checking Account. Once money in deposited, automatic transfers to other Align Credit Union accounts may be setup in Online Banking.

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