Mobile & Online Banking Security

Mobile and Online Safety

Your mobile smartphone is as important to secure as your home computer and there needs to be the same amount of steps to protect it. 

  • Look for “https” instead of “http” when going on websites. 

  • Do not let your Wi-Fi automatically connect when out in public. 

  • Act upon the belief that any email from an unknown source could be a potential threat. 

  • Research any online shop to check into their background and read reviews of their business. 

  • Never open any link in a text, post, message, or email unless expecting one.  

  • Keep your GPS off when not in use. Letting an app always track where you are can let unwanted people get ahold of your location at all times. 

  • Use the Find My iPhone app or other smartphone equivalent that can assist you if your phone is lost or stolen. 

  • Always keep your systems up to date, installing the latest anti-virus protection programs when available. 

  • Request a refund if your online purchase is delivered damaged or not delivered altogether. If the retailer refuses then contact your credit or debit card company to stop the payment. 

  • Use computers that have a firewall. 

  • Do not do financial transactions at spots with unsecure Wi-Fi.