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Password Safety

Password Safety

You use passwords for nearly everything on the internet. With so much of your private information online, it is essential to make it impossible for a hacker to access all of your accounts.

When making a password:

  • Make your password between 8-12 characters 8-12 characters and include numeric, symbols, and upper case letters.
  • Take a phrase like "I love New York" and turn it into "!333NewY@rk!"
  • Do not use a common password such as:
    • 1234, ABCD, 0000
    • Password
    • Year of Birth
    • Name of relative, friend, or pet.
  • Over 60% of internet users use the same password for multiple platforms. Try to have a different password for each platform.
  • Don't give over Personal Identifying Information (PII) unless absolutely necessary.
  • Change your passwords, especially the password that you frequently use the most, around every three months.
  • Never post your home address, phone number, social security number, or place of birth on social media.

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